Street Photography in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is The New York of Asia. Many people go to this Country. Big building, great foods, crowded people and nice places. Neon signs is everywhere in HK, very colourfull.

This is my first time to do street photography. Let say i’m a newbie for this. Well there is a first time for anything.

2017-12-06 10.39.25 1.jpg
spoke the unspoken
time to work
rush hour
going home
rest for a while
2017-12-07 09.20.19 1.jpg
2017-12-07 09.27.35 1.jpg
2017-12-07 09.29.43 1.jpg
2017-12-07 09.30.54 1.jpg
fast and furious ?
2017-12-07 09.17.57 1.jpg
taxi line
2017-12-07 09.23.51 1.jpg
duckling boat
2017-12-07 09.12.38 1.jpg
go night
2017-12-07 09.13.28 1.jpg
don’t get drunk
2017-12-07 09.16.33 1.jpg
neon signs
2017-12-07 09.14.26 1.jpg
7 eleven
2017-12-07 09.22.14 1.jpg
2017-12-02 08.33.54 1.jpg
get your ice cream
2017-12-08 12.59.54 1.jpg
Christmas vibe

Bonus, street photography in Macau for 24 hours. It’s a best view indeed.

2017-12-07 04.58.31 1.jpg
The Venetian
don’t talk to me
2017-11-27 09.01.20 1.jpg
hard working day
Christmas inside mall

I hope you enjoyed today’s inspiration post, and feel ready to head outside and capture what’s going on around you. Do you have your own example to share? We’d love to see it in the comments – just post a link to it below, and we’ll take a look!

Let’s discover Hongkong!


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