Travel Vlog – Hongkong And Macau For a Week

We are went to Hongkong and Macau for a week and here is our first travel vlog. Thank you for watching and please like, comment and follow our blog.  


[Video] 9 Buffalo And 42 Pigs Were Slaughtered at Neku Traditional Ceremony, Flores NTT

This is a traditional ceremony of Neku (kenduri) in Bajawa. This event is to honor the creator and the deceased ancestors. There are 9 buffalo and 42 slaughtered pigs. After slaughtering then the meat distributed to relatives who come and to 7 villages in the vicinity. Please enjoy the movie, like and comment.

Hangout di Courtyard Cafe Dengan Nuansa Kolonial

Habis pulang kantor, capek dan lapar, kami mampir di kawasan menteng tepatnya di Hermitage Hotel, Menteng. Hotel bintang 5 dengan nuansa kolonial. Kami Langsung masuk ke Lobby dan reservasi di Courtyard Cafe. Melihat nuansa hotel dengan nuansa kolonial membuat kami seperti berada di museum. Dengan foto-foto jaman dulu yang di pajang di dinding-dinding lorong hotel. …

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